ST Sound Track – Focus ST vs. Killa Kela

ST Sound Track – Focus ST vs. Killa Kela

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ST Sound Track – Focus ST vs. Killa Kela

We don't often bang on about our own projects, but when they are this good it seems a shame not to talk about them just a little bit. So we hope you will forgive us.

The new Focus ST has been making waves all over the media mainly because it's good looking and delivers a great performance drive. We're showcasing it at the Paris Autoshow but we wanted to generate a little bit of excitement around it beforehand.
So we thought - the new ST has an EcoBoost engine, more fuel efficient etc and ST fans might bemoan the loss of the sound of the outgoing engine, but Ford engineers have developed the Active Sound Symposer – a piece of technology taken from the Mustang muscle car and upgraded for the ST – it effectively amplifies the best sounds from the engine, especially for the enthusiast’s ear. So we created ST Soundtrack. Beatboxer Killa Kela performs exclusively with 2013 Ford Focus ST – fusing his “multivocalism” skills with EcoBoost engine’s Active Sound Symposer, creating a soundtrack of power and performance.
We loved it and we had great fun making it. See you what you think...


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