LIFT OUT OF ORDER. No, you're out of order.

LIFT OUT OF ORDER. No, you're out of order.

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LIFT OUT OF ORDER. No, you're out of order.

The Imagination lift is on the blink, it's causing collective sighs and grumbles in the office. I'm on the 3rd floor, but in a 5 storey building, 6 if you include the basement, the lift is an essential artery pumping the lifeblood around the building. Or, you know, a short cut for aching legs.

The OUT OF ORDER sign got me thinking, we need to elevate our attitude and see it for the opportunity it is.
Here's 10 reasons to feel up, when the lift is down.
1. The stairs are good for you, and you don't have to wear lycra, unlike if you were in the gym. Bonus.
2. You could inadvertently climb Everest, like DigitLondon's City Peaks project.
3. Stairwells are creative spaces, just ask Pixar, the best meetings happen spontaneously in the hallway.
4. You'll never get trapped in a lift for 41 hours, unlike this chap.
5. You can avoid awkward lift chat.
6. You won't have to listen to "elevator music" - not that we have this, but still.
7. You're burning on average 10 calories a minute.
8. Calves of steel!
9. If the two lovely 8months pregnant ladies who sit beside me can climb the stairs, well, really, you've no complaint have you?
10. It's another reason why we should have a slide but maybe a fox hole evacuation slide.


Further to point number 4 -

Further to point number 4 - Adam Simpson's illustration:

Getting trapped in a lift never looked so good!

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