Confessions of an ST fangirl

Confessions of an ST fangirl

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Confessions of an ST fangirl

ImaginationLabs, my name is Michelle Bower, I’m not a girl racer and I’m in love with the new Focus ST. There, I’ve said it.

I’m the girl who passed her driving test, the second time around, aged 22.
I’m the girl who’s driven a sum total of 100 miles since.
I’m the girl who’s never had her own car, just shared her parents’.
I’m the girl who has anxiety dreams about forgetting which pedal is the brake.
No, really.
So, you can imagine my surprise when one week ago I found myself in an edit suite in Soho, passionately critiquing the sound effects used in an in-house ST film, making sure we were true to the vehicle and its enthusiast fan base. I had to laugh.


Or, the week before that, B&K microphone-preamplifier in hand, recording ST sound effects in an anechoic chamber at Ford’s headquarters in Essex with a patient Ford sound engineer. The SFX were for the same film project and a game show at the Paris Auto Show called ST Sound Check.
There I was, in a padded cell with my new crush (the Focus ST, not the married sound engineer), microphones set up, watching the audio colour maps, as the ST clocked 150mph on a rolling road dynamometer. I confess; it was amazing.
Once again I had to laugh at the situation I found myself in. You can even hear me stifling a laugh on the SFX we recorded.
What I’d like to know is at what point did this car get under my skin?
Perhaps it was a holiday romance. Maybe while filming in Nice? A frantic 24hour dash to fly out, meet the car, interview an engineer and film three short films with a French presenter. Or perhaps while I suppressed my car sickness, as we clung to mountainous roads; the confident and skilled driver (ST Chief Engineer), putting the car through its paces while we quizzed him over the car’s facts and stats.
Perhaps, it was while I coached a French presenter on the car’s design and equipment, who then listed all two dozen features as he walked around the car, all in one take. What a pro.
Perhaps it was the moment I chose a TopGear magazine in favour of my usual Vogue because I recognised the ‘Tangerine Scream’ car on the cover. Or when I accidentally matched my footwear to the paintwork.
I don’t know. It seems that while getting to know a handful of ST’s enthusiastic representatives, I caught the bug. I write this from my desk, with a collector’s ST model in pride of place, on the day one of our exciting ST film project goes live. I’m told the ST is an enthusiast’s car, well, I’m proud to join their ranks, even if I’m something of a rookie, I’ll keep my green P plates on, if that’s ok.


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