Art and design NOW – up close and personal

Art and design NOW – up close and personal

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Art and design NOW – up close and personal


With a keen and active interest in contemporary art & design I draw huge inspiration from going to current exhibitions, discovering new aspects of good practice that in turn help inform my design approach and methodology.

Here are some highlights from the exhibitions I've attended over the past two months in New York and London. Click on the images below to browse the art work.
Dia: Beacon, N.Y.
1. “I loved Michael Heizer’s monumental geometric sculptures North, East, South, West. If you are in New York, Dia: Beacon is well worth a visit as both the artworks and natural light of the exhibition space are equally impressive.”
2+3 “Sol Lewitt’s Drawing Series is one of my favorite works, drawn by Dia’s gallery technicians using Lewitt’s original written instructions. Fourteen walls of line drawings carefully sequenced and very inspiring. A must see!”
4.“Gerhard Richter’s Six Gray Mirrors was especially commissioned for Dia: Beacon, it changes hue and tone depending on the natural lighting conditions of the building.”
Walker Art Center, Governor’s Island, N.Y.
5. Graphic Design…Now in Production is survey of the best of Graphic Design from the last 12 years, including Stefan Sagmeister, The Entente and Anthony Burrill, to name just a few. Sydney-based artist Christopher Doyle’s 2008 project Personal Identity Guidelines is exactly that! Check out the brand’s Clearance space and Minimum size, very funny.”
(Until 3 Sep 2012)
6. Magazine Little White Lies and Huck covers are two parts of a single illustration by Geoff McFetridge.
Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, N.Y.
7. Travelling exhibition Surface Tension brings together designers, artists, scientists and engineers to explore the future of water. Hanging sculpture Tele-Present Water by David Bowen is a representation of a live feed Pacific Ocean, it undulates with the swell of the ocean wherever the buoy is.”
Gagosian N.Y.
8. “Richard Avedon’s Murals & Portraits is a fascinating series of portraits and group portraits which documented members of the thriving New York arts scene as well as controversial politicians involved in the Vietnam war. These were larger than life black and white photographs, which were really moving.”
9. “A retrospective of works that surveyed the long career of Cindy Sherman, an artist who, for many decades, disguises herself as other characters before taking a photographic self-portrait.”
Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, N.Y.
10+11. Air-Port-City / Cloud Cities by Tomas Saraceno, amazing structures built like molecules, which completely filled the gallery space. He also had a similar Cloud City sculpture on the roof of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  


Paula Cooper Gallery, N.Y.
12. “Fold paintings by Tauba Auerbach looks like over-exposed images but are in fact acrylic on canvas, beautiful colours!”
Lisson Gallery, London
13+14. Julian Opie’s new solo show at Lisson Gallery displayed some big bold and colourful portraits, and there’s a ‘digital horse’ outside the gallery space.” (Until 25 Aug 2012)
15.“Ryan Gander’s conceptual sculptures The Fallout of Living, take inspiration from his daughter at play and ideas of invisibility and being hidden. Another sculptural installation More Really Shiny Things That Don’t Mean Anything is like a magnet attracting many shiny objects.”
Whitechapel Gallery, London
16+17.The London Open at the Whitechapel Gallery is a group show that brings together the best new work made by emerging artists in London recently, here are Pio Abad ‘s ‘Loot’ (Magenta) and Leigh Clarke’s Heads of State.” (Until 14 Sep 2012)
Serpentine Gallery, London
18. “Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree at Serpentine Gallery. To The Light is a retrospective of various sculptural, photographic, performative and video works by this iconic feminist artist." (Until 9 Sep 2012)
Audi City, London
19+20. “A hi-tech digital showroom, Audi City teamed up with Chris Cunningham to celebrate its launch with a installation performance of two industrial dancing robots with lasers and lots of smoke. “
South London Gallery, London
21+22+23. “Pursuit of Perfection: The Politics of Sport is a group show by nine artists which takes sport as its main theme. There are a huge variety of works included, from an installation of 2,529 gold trophies in one gallery space to film works, photography, a sound piece and a very large projection of runners training endlessly in the old council rooms of Southwark Old Town Hall.” (Until 14 Sep 2012)
Raven Row, London
24+25. “THE REAL TRUTH. A WORLD'S FAIR is a project by Suzanne Treister at Raven Row over 4 weekends that presents archival materials since London’s Great Exhibition of 1851 and proposes future visions of this very unique type of world festival.” (Until 19 Aug 2012)


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