How many colours can you name?

How many colours can you name?

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  • Scott Morris
  • Recruitment manager

How many colours can you name?

How many colours can you name? 10? 12? More? It’s an odd question and it’s been prompted by Pantone.


Not only has Pantone gone from being a supplier of inks to the printing industry to reinventing itself as an uber-cool manufacturer of branded accessories ranging from notepads and mugs to bags and socks, but it’s just unveiled 336 new colours. You read that right – 336 new colours.

This announcement takes Pantone’s range of colours up to a whopping 1,667 colours. That means the Pantone swatch book on your desk is now out of date as there are now about 25% more colours than there were yesterday.
Fortunately, these colours don’t have names and are categorised by number to ensure they can be accurately utilised.
This is probably just as well as describing colours as ‘light blue, but not light light blue. More summer sky than Caribbean shoreline’ was always going to be fraught with difficulty, so thank you Pantone for giving us one less thing to keep us awake with worry at night. Now if only someone could make s toothpaste tube that will only squeeze from the end and not the middle.


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