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UGG Warming Station

It’s easy to knock UGG boots, they capture the zeitgeist of the pre-recession mid-noughties, appearing almost overnight and quickly becoming a status symbol synonymous with a specific customer group – teens who could afford to chuck £100 at shoes which you can’t get wet. However, UGG continued to grow and grow, riding out the credit crunch and casting off the prejudicial shackles to post sales which are now above $1bn. They are constantly diversifying their product offering and increasing their worldwide customer base which stretches far beyond those with a King’s Road postcode.


'Imagine If' Haunted Play House

I remember being taken to galleries when I was a pup and my mother telling me that the experience would shape my artistic sensibilities, but I never left the building feeling any different; it took years before I noticed the impact that this all had on my cultural appreciation.


Brands for life – Lemsip

How do you get the world’s biggest floating object inside a box?

Technology as a competitive advantage - eBadges

What’s the largest emerging market in the world? China? India? No neither of those. It's women

Post-event engagement and amplification

Technology as a Creative Competitive Advantage

What New Year’s Eve teaches marketers about event sponsorship

For many Sydneysiders, New Year’s Eve is all about fireworks on the harbour. For Telstra, it’s a major event sponsorship that extends into the digital realm.
Creative agency Imagination has the tender from the City of Sydney to produce New Year’s Eve for the next five years and managing director Antony Gowthorp says it is not just about the event.
“Part of the platform we put forward . . . was to start to evolve New Year’s Eve as an experience, a piece of content,” Gowthorp says.
“We wanted to see how we could . . . take it to more people other than just those around the harbour. One thing we try to do with our experiences now is see how we can amplify and extend and take it to more people and the digital platform is the obvious way to do that.”


Is Bling Bouncing Back?


A question on the minds of product planners, retailers and marketers everywhere, especially in the luxury sector is simmering: ‘Is Bling bouncing back?’ The answer appears to be yes…with a few new caveats. And where are we to find the validation of the answer? Qualitative research? Quantitative data mining and focus groups across a myriad of scientific disciplines? Well, not exactly, instead, as a start, one might find the answer supported by the very oracle of pop culture consumerism: Miss Britney Spears.