Focus ST vs Killa Kela - London - Imagination

Focus ST vs Killa Kela


Focus ST vs Killa Kela

Imagination has developed a film featuring, world famous beatboxer Killa Kela in a sound battle against the new Ford ST’s 2.0L engine.


As the car spins and swoons, Active Sound Symposer is pitted against the skills of the award-winning beatboxer.
The new Focus ST 2.0L EcoBoost engine delivers all the power of a 2.6L engine, giving Ford fans all the high thrill/high-energy/adrenaline rush guaranteed by driving a performance car, with a fraction of the sound. For true lovers of performance cars – the sound of the engine is just as important as the feel and look of the car. To give Ford fans the true performance car experience, Ford engineers have developed the ‘Active Sound Symposer’, this piece of technology amplifies the best sounds of the engine pumping it back into the car…giving car enthusiasts the ride of their lives.
“Sound has the power to evoke the strongest emotional reaction, transporting you to a moment and place in time, creating the scene. We felt this video was the best way to portray this, using the power of sounds to engage with Ford’s fans at the 2012 Paris auto show”, said Katie Streten, Creative Strategist at Imagination.
You can watch the video on YouTube here.