Friday I am in love: Fresh sounds

Friday I am in love: Fresh sounds

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Friday I am in love: Fresh sounds

It seems somehow appropriate in the week Taylor Swift's new album drops that CMJ and the Austin City Limits festivals have just wrapped up; set upon by hipsters and homebodies alike, all craving something new to fill their ears with.

I occupy the ground somewhere in-between, but if the addition of Spotify to markets outside Europe has done anything, it has made discovering new music something that can be done with purpose and ease rather than serendipity or simply tolerating most of the nonsense independent radio offers up. Those of you in the UK lucky enough to have come up under the guidance of John Peel and the rest of his progeny - take note: the rest of us never had it so easy.
So in lieu of a certain genre, country, race or movement, take a moment to get acquainted with a selection of your new favourite bands. Some you may already know, it's hard to be sure just who has appeared where. There's bound to be at least a few tracks fresh to the ears, and in even the rare case that fails to be true, it's going to lift the spirits as you head into your weekend. As the great Scotsman Andrew Fletcher once said, "…if a man were permitted to make all the ballads he need not care who should make the laws…". So too shall we say of the seasons. The days may be shorter and carry more bite than they did last month (for those of us NOT in Sydney of course), but they need not be darker.
Happy Friday all. Have a great weekend and enjoy the tunes.
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