Brands for life - Crayola

Brands for life - Crayola

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Brands for life - Crayola

I’ve always been emotionally affected by the sight of the admittedly hideous forest green on mustard that someone picked out for Crayola. There is something so comfortingly solid and unisex about these colours, and when framing a rainbow xylophone of new crayons or felt tips, they send me beyond nostalgia and into frenzied excitement. Even now.

Of course the waxy smell of crayons and the perfect points of fresh pencils are delicious in themselves, but I imagine that part of the magic is in their transience. Everyone knows that no matter how hard they try, the perfectly clean and ordered rainbow will not last, that the tips will be squashed and blackened, the lengths will vary, and the whole household will be in uproar as we all furiously search for ‘the light blue.’
And although my viewing of children’s TV has lessened a little, when I see an advert for the newest Disney princess stamp set or friendship bracelet kit, part of me still yearns for it. Crayola feeds my innate greed for colour and sparkle and there is something about the familiar rounded writing that always sucks me in and tempts me to try to recreate the ideal Spinaroo picture. My labour however, rarely resembled that of the shiny haired, toothy children’s, proudly displayed on the front of the box.
It’s a bit of stretch to say that Crayola is a brand of my current life. I feel that I’m at a stage in my life where I’m discouraged from spending an afternoon whiling away the hours with Doodle Daisy and glitter shakers, but my response remains the same. I’m still helplessly hypnotised by the mindless creativity that Crayola promises, lured in by the multi- coloured smile on the logo. It was like my third parent in its constancy and security, and it will act as a sibling to my first born; a challenging little bundle of joy, endlessly loved and producing far more mess than necessary.
Crayola frames my life by representing moments of homeliness and happiness, both in the past and in the future. Present day happiness does, I must confess, find itself at the bottom of a pint glass. But I know within my heart of hearts, that there will come a day when my poor child is left alone, birthday present-less, while I indulge my Crayola cravings, my brand for life back where it belongs.
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