Social Media Week at Imagination

Social Media Week at Imagination

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  • Katie Streten
  • Creative Strategist

Social Media Week at Imagination

We are in a bit of a frenzy here at Imagination labs for two reasons. Firstly, it's social media week and most of us are rushing about attending different events around the place, hopefully we'll see some of you there. Secondly, we're putting the finishing touches on our own event on Wednesday, Socialising the Internet of Things.

The theme for this year's Social Media Week is Empowering through Collaboration, something close to our hearts. One of the things we are interested in at Imagination is things and how they talk to each other, what that means for our clients, ourselves and our future. If you read us regularly you will know about Activitea and our activations for Shell and Ford.
For us the Internet of Things - a connected world of communicating objects -  is exciting. But when it crosses over into the social space it becomes incredibly powerful as a way of engaging people, moving their opinions and enabling them to converse with brands in new and interesting ways.
We have a small experiment/game we have been soldering all weekend! We have some brilliant speakers and we have food and drink. What more could you ask for? Maybe we'll see you here. If we haven't completely crashed by then....


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