The power of a lunch break

The power of a lunch break

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  • Walter Raymond
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The power of a lunch break

How a sandwich can help us and keep you from going nuts!

Anyone who has worked at or visited the Imagination NY office can attest to the absolutely fabulous neighborhood we are nestled in. It’s like a country cousin of New York: busy yet tame streets, parks, benches and shaded stoops line our cultured cobblestone avenues. Streets on the bias that defy a grid and food of every type just a tantalizing quick walk away. Sounds like a holiday, doesn’t it?
“Oh to work in this mystical and magical environ”…you’re thinking. Of course you are. Would it surprise you if I told you that a substantial quantity of the mystical magic makers who work in the Imagination NY office don’t re-energize themselves in the afternoon with a simple meal outside of the confines of their mystical and magical pods? This, I’m sorry to say, is the sad truth.
Too many have “too much to do” to leave their computers and their Herman Miller chairs. They are too busy. too busy! too busy? Too busy serenading others with the sounds of their salads that they shake to death in their little plastic to-go bowls. Too busy assailing those at nearby pods with the “unique” smell of Bi Bim Bop, which is a colorful collection of “delicacies” from the local Korean bodega that is made from, I believe, all the fermented leftovers you can find north of 14th street.
It’s a traffic jam for the senses. A pure olfactory opera for those intent on surfing the web or just trying to get some quick R&R at their desk.
Go out and get your food…and stay out! Bring a sandwich from home and enjoy the great outdoors and eat on a stoop. Take a break from the phone and the computer and go to a diner for eggs. Go to the banks of the mighty Hudson and have a snack while you make fun of the Jersey skyline. Your mind will wander and for those salubrious moments you will be rewarded with the knowledge that you are better than those that stay in the office and eat, superior in every way to those who shake salads and remain tethered to their desks, head and shoulders above those that don’t eat bread just because they don’t eat bread.
Leave the office.  And don’t come back till you’ve eaten.


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