Brands for life - Penguin Classics

Brands for life - Penguin Classics

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Brands for life - Penguin Classics

Books with iconic cover designs…but for me it’s substance over style.

Whilst ‘stuff’, in general, is something I don’t have much of (thanks to a slightly obsessive routine of household de-cluttering), there is an ever-expanding stack of books in my flat that I am quite attached to. Dotted amongst a collection of Taschen design books, trashy contemporary fiction novels and academic reads are the books I prize most of all – my Penguin Classics.
It’s not just the story between the covers; it’s the narrative that surrounds the writing and publication of the books that makes them special. These are the books that have provoked arguments, caused controversy, exposed social and political scandals and earned their ‘classic’ stamp through literary excellence. I turn to a Penguin Classic when I feel a desire to learn something, to be entertained AND educated all at once.
My relationship with Penguin Classics started at school. Countless hours were spent reading, discussing and analysing passages of Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ and Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’. At the time, this process seemed painstaking, but it paid off; the stories and their lessons are committed to memory. In contrast, I can barely remember the title - let alone the plot - of so many other books that failed to leave a lasting impression.    
Penguin Classics aren’t the light-hearted sort of book you might take on a lazy summer holiday; they require attention and command respect. You wouldn’t read one whilst updating your Facebook status, sending a text or half-watching a film. Which is exactly why the perfect Penguin Classic reading time only comes around occasionally. If you can answer ‘yes’ to the following three questions, the ideal time to dig yours out is now. 
1/ Do you have some spare time?
A couple of hours, not a few snatched minutes. Your to-do list is complete; emails have been sent and there’s nothing on TV.
2/ Are you feeling foolish?
Perhaps you have made some particularly idiotic comments lately or have just spent far too many Sundays feeling hung-over. A Penguin Classic will boost your intelligence levels and feed your desire to learn.
3/ Do you dream of throwing your computer out the window?
Modern life is stressing you out you need to rewind a little. The Penguin Classic will transport you to another time and place, definitely before the invention of Twitter, probably before the internet existed and possibly even prior to electric lighting. Turn off your phone and consider reading by candlelight.

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