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A Time of Change. A Time of Opportunity.

  • , POSTED BY chris.dobson

We are all lucky to be working in the marketing industry through such a period of profound change, innovation and opportunity. 

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Imagine If… How Do Brands Approach The ‘Modern Family’?

  • , POSTED BY garreth.owen

With ideas of what constitutes a family unit changing, how can brands engage with the modern family without alienating parts of their audience?


'Imagine If' Haunted Play House

  • , POSTED BY thomas.purbeck

Brands for life – Lemsip

  • , POSTED BY thomas.purbeck

How do you get the world’s biggest floating object inside a box?

  • , POSTED BY claire.mcloughlin

Technology as a competitive advantage - eBadges

  • , POSTED BY matt.jakob

During the 2013 Open Hardware Summit, a new smart badge featuring an e-ink display was given to visitors attending the event.




Post-event engagement and amplification

  • , POSTED BY katie.streten

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the ISES BNC Global Event show. The title of my talk was Post-event engagement and message amplification.
In a world where proving ROI and demonstrating metrics in the event space is becoming more and more important the ability to generate an audience and engagement that reaches beyond the attendees at your event is becoming an essential, not a nice to have.


Technology as a Creative Competitive Advantage

  • , POSTED BY matt.jakob

Earlier this month I was invited to speak in the Technology Theatre at the Event Production Show at London’s Earls Court 2.


Is Bling Bouncing Back?

  • , POSTED BY ross.klein

A question on the minds of product planners, retailers and marketers everywhere, especially in the luxury sector is simmering: ‘Is Bling bouncing back?’ The answer appears to be yes…with a few new caveats. And where are we to find the validation of the answer? Qualitative research? Quantitative data mining and focus groups across a myriad of scientific disciplines? Well, not exactly, instead, as a start, one might find the answer supported by the very oracle of pop culture consumerism: Miss Britney Spears. 




Sell me the life you want me to lead. And I’ll buy your product.

  • , POSTED BY claire.mcloughlin